Welcome to Growth Motive: Grow Rich Obtain Wealth Through Having Motive

Welcome to Growth Motive: Grow Rich Obtain Wealth Through Having Motive

grow rich obtain wealth through having motive.



Ever Wish You Had More Motivation To Follow Through On The Things That Matter To You The Most?


Maybe you lack motivation.

  • Perhaps you’re a procrastinator and need an accountability partner?
  • Have no clue of where to begin?
  • Need help building networks when you have no family or friends interested in your idea or goals? I’ve been there and it’s something that I continue to work on.

Perhaps you’re struggling with your weight or just overall attempting to get healthy?

  • Want to achieve a healthier lifestyle?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information available?
  • Need help realizing that losing weight is highly consistent with learning what works for you? I was there and it’s a constant battle.

Do you want to brush up on your financial skills? Perhaps you’re struggling to save money or looking for different ways to maximize your income?

  • Maybe you don’t know the first thing about saving money or you do but finally, want to live like you do.
  • Want to learn how to best budget your income and use psychology to trick you into saving.
  • Feel like there is nothing you can do to get out of debt. I got you!

Maybe you want to follow someone else tackling all the above:

  • See why I started this blog and brand.
  • Watch my own personal growth motive with motivation, health, and personal finance.
  • See the positive manifestations of putting yourself out there and attempting different things until you find that one thing that works for you.

Grow Rich Obtain Wealth Through Having Motive is an acronym that explores the process of me leveling up. By using MYSELF as an experiment, you can follow my growth process on the subject areas that matter to me the most.   I’m not anyone’s expert but I wanted to try this experiment as a means to encourage others with motivation and accountability.   I know enough about all of these subjects to offer insightful posts.Trust me, it’s easy to gain knowledge through experience.

Growth Motive is also a place where you can be inspired to find your own growth motive. My goal is to make Growth Motive a community of growth chasers.  Sometimes we get the results of actions after it was completed and I thought it would be a cool to watch my progress in real life. Maybe we all can learn from each other and help each other get to the next level.

The Take away:

Deep down inside we are all looking to make some improvements in our life. I believe that we are all capable of making positive changes-no matter the age or situation. Consider that we are all unique beings and have so much to offer.  So, it doesn’t mean that one way is the right way to manage a situation or accomplish a goal. It means it’s a way that works for you.

We all have the potential to live an authentic life and follow our dreams. I think it’s more about adjusting your goals and keeping an open mind about the endless possibilities. Don’t give up. It’s not easy so I’m doing this for myself and hopefully to help someone else



Where to start?

It’s simple!  You are currently at the Home Section. You can jump right to the  About me section because it goes into more information about me.  Above I’ve created separate pages for Motivation,  Health & LifeStyle, Personal finance and Clothing Line Goals. Then the drop down will show you the articles available thus far for the aforementioned sections.




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